Crowne Zoysia


Will cover 450 square feet. Zoysia needs 4 hours of filtered sunlight or more in order to survive. Low maintenance, Dark green color, thin blade and tight knit. Great wear tolerance. However, slow repair time.

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All sod pallets are 50 yards and will cover 450 square feet. Please call us at 903-581-8868 if you need partial pallets.

Crowne Zoyiagrass is an aggressive, dark green, Coarse textured lawn grass. It is best suited for use as a warm-season turfgrass for golf Coarse roughs, home lawns, industrial parks and highway right-of-ways throughout the central mid-western states. Crowne is noted for its tolerance to drought, cold weather and its rapid recuperative ability.


Best for use in golf, commercial, sport, parks and residential areas
Dark green in color
A blade width of 5-7mm
Very soft texture
Climate & Planting

Grows well in sandy soil and clay soil
Spreads with above-ground runners (stolens) and below-ground shoots (rhizomes)
Resistant to normal wear
Good recovery when wear occurs
Tolerant to insects
Resistant to disease
Very drought tolerant therefore does excellent in hot climates
Does well in cold climate
Will tolerate a minimum of 4 hours of filtered sun

In Spring and Summer, mow 1″-2″ every 7-10 days. Shorter heights require regular and more frequent mowing. Do not scalp. Never remove more than 1/3 of leaf blade in any single mowing. In Fall and Winter, mow every 10-14 days.
In Spring, apply fertilizer after danger of frost or in mid-February in frost-free areas. Use balanced time-released fertilizer such as 16-4-8 or 3-1-2. Can use products with iron to improve color. Perform soil analysis for best results.
In Fall, apply balanced time-released fertilizer such as 15-5-10.
Requires 3-5 lbs. of Nitrogen per 1000 square feet per year for a highly maintained turf.
At least 1″ of water weekly is recommended to keep optimal appearance and to resist disease and pests. However, in periods of drought or high temperatures, grass will need to be watered more often. Water when leaf blades wilt.
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Dark Green



Slow Spreading




Per Pallet

Soil Conditions

Red Sandy Soil




Cold, Drought, Heat, Shade, Sun

Use Case

Commercial, Golf Course, Residential