Shredded Hardwood


Shredded Hardwood Mulch is double ground using local hardwoods.   This is a great choice for erosion control, weed prevention, and soil enrichment. This good and basic mulch is very versatile and can be used for most all residential or commercial landscapes.


Product Features:

  • Double ground mulch using local hardwoods
  • Excellent weed suppression
  • Provides organic nutrients to soil without taking nitrogen from plants
  • Slow decomposition rate and high moisture retention allow the mulch to provide erosion and temperature control

Purchase Options:

  • Bulk purchase available, sold by the cubic yard.  One yard will provide approximately 200 sqft. coverage
  • Bags are available for purchase. Sold in 3 cubic ft. bags
  • ½ yards are available in store or orders purchased over the phone

Bulk quantities can be delivered by dump truck.  Call today for details!

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Per Cubic Yard

Use Case

Commercial, Residential