Peat Mix


Peat Mix is a mulchy-like compost contained of decomposing forest floor materials normally used as an additive to existing soils. Peat Mix will help soften the soil structure and improves the drainage. For sandy soil, peat mix will help retain moisture and nutrients for plant roots.

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Product Details:

  • Made from organic materials
  • A blend of chicken manure, organic compost, and organic mulch
  • Can be used alone or as an additive
  • Ideal for suppressing disease and pests
  • Reduces and can even eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers
  • Removes solids, oil, grease, and heavy metals from storm-water run off

Purchase Options:

  • Bulk purchase available, sold by the cubic yard.  One yard will provide approximately 200 sf coverage
  • Bagged purchase is not available for this item
  • ½ yards are available in store or orders purchased over the phone

Bulk quantities can be delivered by dump truck.  Call today for details!

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