Crushed Concrete


Crushed Concrete is composed of aggregate and reclaimed crushed concrete. Our Crushed Concrete is most commonly used for bases for roadways/driveways, pathways, filling holes in driveways, or retaining walls. Since Crushed Concrete is a reclaimed product, it tends to be the most cost efficient solution for roadway/driveway purposes.

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Commonly Used For:​

  • Base layer for roads/pavers
  • Filling holes

Purchase Options:

  • Bulk purchase available, sold by the cubic yard.  One yard will provide approximately 160 sqft. coverage at a 2″ depth
  • Bags are not available for this item
  • ½ yards are available in store or orders purchased over the phone

Bulk quantities can be delivered by dump truck.  Call today for details!

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Grey, Off White

Use Case

Commercial, Residential


Per Cubic Yard


Material Size

2" –