Bagged Pine Bark Mulch


Just say NO to weeds!  Pine Bark Mulch provides a smothering effect which helps prevent new growth from weeds or grass.  When used with landscape fabric, you will have maximum protection against those pesky weeds.  It soaks up water like a sponge helping to keep the soil moist which gives a healthy environment for your plants to grow.  This is a great option for landscape beds, pathways, and playgrounds.

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Product features:

  • Smothers the ground preventing new weeds or grass from growing
  • Increases soil acidity benefitting acid driven plants
  • Excellent water retention keeps the soil moist creating a healthier grow environment
  • A 2 to 3 inch layer gives protection from extreme temperatures and keeps the root zone safe
  • Gradual decomposition process conditions soil as it breaks down

Purchase Options:

  • Bulk purchase available, sold by the cubic yard.  One yard will provide approximately 200 sf coverage
  • Bags are available to purchase.  All bagged mulch comes in 3 cubic ft. bags

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